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aahiew 2015-10-5 19:15
We have approached by 华小学校 to install solar system but the school is lack of fund. Do you consider to having a seminar to raise fund? The fund is used to install solar panel system in the school. The solar panel system is able to generate 21 years passive income for the school. This is another milestone to the investalks where make contribution to the society.

We looking for your positive response. Thank you. Have a nice day
无聊人 2015-5-4 02:16
multi530 2015-5-2 13:52
無聊哥,這兩個月是AGM的peak period, investalk 有沒有組團出場的安排?
无聊人 2015-3-30 03:41
hongheng7 2015-3-26 17:10
Hi, I already register for United Plantation Visit, 4 persons, 3 is shareholder & 1 is proxy. Thanks.
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